Perspiration and breathing are some of the causes why our bodies lose water. During summer or during rigorous physical activities when we perspire a lot or during cold season when our respiratory system is very active, our bodies are prone to dehydration. Aside from water, during these moments we can also lose salt and essential minerals in the body such as magnesium, sodium, phosphate, calcium and potassium.

Some of the glaring symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, dry mouth, thirst, headache, low urine volume which is dark yellow in color, tiredness, sleepiness, and dry skin. Deficiency in minerals especially magnesium and potassium, on the other hand, may cause painful cramps. When you observe your body manifesting two or more of the mentioned symptoms while working out or under conditions when there’s a possibility for dehydration, you may want to consider taking electrolyte supplements.

Others might ask, isn’t water enough? Water can quench our thirst and replenish the water our bodies lose but not salt and essential minerals. Electrolyte supplements help our bodies become better hydrated. It also improves the body’s energy and pH levels and helps regulate body temperature.

Electrolyte supplements are widely available in sports shops and online stores and it comes in different form – pills, powders, or ready to drink liquids/formula. Here are some of the most recommended electrolyte supplements that you may want to check out.

1. Ultima

Ultima is an electrolyte drink that has zero calories and has guaranteed to be no added sugar and artificial ingredients. It promises to naturally boost your energy level as you do rigorous workout.

2. EnduroPacks

Like Ultima, EnduroPacks are all natural liquid electrolytes with no calories, no sugar added and no artificial ingredients. It is placed in a 2-ounce bottle with 30 servings. Many users have commended the product for its quality and cost-effectiveness.

3. Gu Energy Mix

This brand specializes in energy drinks for individuals who need extreme hydration especially athletes. Not only does it guarantee a boost in energy and mineral replenishment, consumers also love its taste. One serving contains 9g of sugar and 70 calories which is significantly lower compared to other energy drinks. Gu Energy Mix is also available in packets and they also offer one with caffeine for added energy boost.

4. Nuun

This brand of electrolyte supplement is in tablet form. It is certified gluten-free and is well recommended for consumers who are vegan. Since they come in tablets, it is easier to bring and store during workout sessions in the gym. One tablet is equal to 16 ounces of drink. These hydration tablets are also 100% dairy-free and soy-free.

5. Hi-Lyte

Hi-Lyte comes in concentrated liquid form. One bottle contains 48 servings. All you need is a half teaspoon of the formula dropped in drinking water for you to gain extra energy and hydration during intense exercise sessions.

6. Lyteshow

This electrolyte supplement is similar to Hi-Lyte in form. Satisfied users say although it is not as tasty as other energy drinks, its effect on the body is very much enough to compensate. The concentrate has no other ingredients aside from electrolytes and water.

7. NutriBeet

NutriBeet is manufactured by Raw Nutrition Labs. This beetroot powder has been well recommended by most of its users because increase in performance, energy and stamina as well as improved muscle recovery and endurance during intense physical activities is guaranteed. Beetroot juice, by the way, is known as an amazing source of essential minerals such as folate, potassium, zinc, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

8. Skratch Labs

This sports drink is known for its all natural ingredients and good taste because of its natural real fruit flavor. One serving has at least 20g of sugar and 80 calories.

9. Vega

This brand of energy drink is packed with natural ingredients and antioxidants, hence it is called “Clean Energy”. If you are a vegan and is keeping a very healthy lifestyle, Vega Clean Energy is the best option for you.

10. Salt Stick

Salt Stick comes in capsule form and is high in sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Although it is not known to be flavorful, it is still one of the most suggested supplements because it contains the most important electrolytes that the body needs.

Electrolytes are substances that supplies ions in our bodies. It helps maintain essential body functions especially during intense physical activities and when our bodies lose so much water, salt, and minerals. Just like in a car engine, you'll need to supply your body with electrolytes among other things to keep it running smoothly. They may not function like fuel which makes the engine run but it is vital in the sense that it is responsible for making the engine perform its function as smoothly as possible.