Who wouldn't love to have a gym of their own at home? While it may be unrealistic (and expensive) to have a squat rack and multiple fixed machines in a home-gym, there are tons of other great equipment options that may supplement your “in gym” workouts or that will promote intense and practical exercises at home.

We’ve got a list of everything you’ll need to create the home-gym of your dreams.

1. Workout mats or foam tiles


Foam tiles are connective flooring that you can use in a home-gym setting that doubles as a mat for floor exercises. They’re soft, supportive, and relatively inexpensive. If you’d instead opt for a workout mat or two, either way, you’ll have the home equipment you need for stretching, core, and general floor exercises.

2. Dumbbells


Based on your goals and plans for the use of your home-gym, you may want to buy a rack of dumbbells, or merely a couple of pairs. Dumbbells are great for strength training and can be used in a slew of exercises to train every single muscle group.

3. Suspension training straps


Suspension training straps are comfortable to mount and take up limited space while offering the potential for a full body workout and more. Suspension training can be used for strength, flexibility, and mobility exercises, and can benefit exercisers of all experience levels.

4. Kettlebells


Kettlebells offer versatility and function. Think kettlebell swings, sumo squats, and farmers carries.

5. Medicine balls


Grab one or a whole set. From overhead slams to Russian twists, medicine balls are multifaceted and easy to store.

6. Foam roller


Foam rollers are essential for recovery and can be used as part of your warm-up, too. They are great for soft tissue work, helping to remove knots in the muscles so that the muscles can return to function most optimally. While it may hurt a little, foam rolling can feel like a self-massage and should provide some relief.

7. Cardio equipment


Having at least one piece of cardio equipment at home eliminates the chance of ever having an excuse for skipping cardio or even your workout for the day. Whether you choose a bike, treadmill, rower, or elliptical, you’ll thank yourself later for including this piece of equipment in your home-gym.

8. Adjustable bench


An adjustable bench will allow you to take your home-workouts to the next level, especially if you prefer a bodybuilding style-training regimen.

9. One stack adjustable cable machine


Cable exercises have their place in every program. Having a pulley system in your home gym will allow for variety in exercise selection, light to heavy weights to use, and options for attachments/grips. Some fitness professionals believe cables are the best resistance training modality compared to machines and free weights.

10. Resistance bands


Resistance bands are portable and come in several different strengths. They are great for supplying constant tension and can add a challenge to more traditional movements.

11. Punching bag


Use it for cardio, upper body strength workouts, and interval training. Whether you elect to hang a heavy bag or purchase a kickboxing friendly punching bag, both will offer numerous benefits and training options. You’ll be especially thankful to have one on a frustrating or stressful day.

Image credit: Pixabay