Maybe you love to workout, maybe you hate it - we all have our days. Here are 15 ways (and things you can do throughout the day) to exercise without even realizing that you’re doing so.

1. Get a standing desk


Trade in your traditional desk for a standing desk. According to a study conducted by BBC News, you burn 0.7 more calories per minute, nearly 50 calories more per hour, standing versus sitting.

2. Clean with purpose


Household chores are no fun, but they have to be done. Sweeping, mopping, washing the windows, taking out the trash - all household activities burn calories, it’s the pace and intensity at which you do so that determines just how many calories you’ll burn.

3. Park farther away


We all love the convenience of parking right out in front of whatever destination we’re headed to, but practicing parking farther away consistently throughout the day will help the calories to add up. It’s a small practice with a big payoff.

4. Yard work


Whether you’re working on your garden, mowing the lawn, or raking leaves, you’re burning calories. Enjoy the outdoors, knock out some chores, and get a little exercise while you’re at it, too. You may not go into it considering it exercise, but we all know how tiring yard work can be.

5. Babysit


Kids are so active. Hang out with your kids, grandkids, or babysit for a close friend. Kids love the outdoors, games like hide and seek, and jumping on the trampoline. You’ll be running around like crazy, without even realizing your exercising.

6. Make your meetings more active


Rather than sitting around a round table eating pastries, drinking coffee, and discussing things, get more active. Grab your coffee and go for a walk, or meet for a round of golf. Try walking on the treadmill as you do a conference call, or doing a group exercise class for your weekly team meeting. You may find that activity boosts you and others’ productivity.

7. Dancing


A night out on the town or a dance class with your partner is a great way to let loose and get some exercise while doing so. Break a leg … just not literally.

8. Sex


You get the idea… Researchers estimate that one burns anywhere from 60-200 calories during a variety of sexual activities. Make sure you’re safe and consensual.

9. Entertain your pet


Take the dog for a walk, play fetch, or carry a string and let the cat chase you around the house. Find ways to get your pet more active that you get moving, too.

10. Bike


If possible, bike as a means of transportation rather than driving. Biking at a moderate pace is a great way to burn roughly 50 calories per mile. This is huge compared to the almost nothing you burn while driving. It’s also a great leisure activity that doubles as exercise.

11. Recreation sports


Sign up for a 3 vs 3 basketball league, join a softball team, flag football team, or the local racquetball club. Find a sport that interests you and sign up to play with or against others in your community. You’ll get a workout in and enjoy your sport.

12. Wash your car


I don’t mean drive your car through the automatic wash - actually, hand wash, buff, and dry your own car. Washing your car is a great way to burn some calories and you get a cleaner car in the end.

13. Walk instead of drive


If there are places that you can walk to and from rather than drive to, do it! You’ll get some fresh air and increase your physical activity for the day while doing so. It may not be as convenient, but it’s worthwhile.

14. Spend time in nature


There are tons of outdoor activities that are fun to do with friends and family. Go for a hike or spend some time on the water kayaking, swimming, or paddle boating. Many outdoor activities are actually rather strenuous.

15. Take the stairs


Always opt for the stairs over the elevator. The elevator is easy and convenient, but the stairs will challenge your legs and give you a little cardio session each time you take them throughout the day.

Image credit: Pexels