The popular statement, “40 is the new 30,” is a true statement; however, it doesn’t mean that turning 40 can be difficult.

Turning 40 involves the male body to go through a serious physically change. The older a human gets, the fewer vitamins and minerals they have. The bones of a human become smaller, weaker, and more prone to injuries.

As a result, it is very crucial to work out, to avoid traumatic weakness in the muscles.

The first step is to consider important factors before starting weekly workouts:

  • Talk to a certified fitness instructor: a certified fitness instructor would be able to tell what your body can handle and what your body can not handle

  • Consider wearing gloves when lifting weights

  • Always start with a warm up before beginning the actual workout, you must be prepared. Warm ups are meant to keep your heart rate up, so your body is all ready to go when the work out gets started!

  • Do all workouts in sets: Most of the workouts are in 2 or 3 sets, and that is a way for the body to get the full effect of the exercise. 1 set would not be enough for the body to be affected.

  • Do not lift excessively more than what the body can handle: Even though it is wanted to get stronger and more fit, doing way too much than the body can handle, can cause an easy injury.

  • Control the movement: Just like music, working out requires rhythm/pattern. If the pattern is off, then the work is off.

  • Lastly, do not hold your breath!: The average person usually makes a mistake by holding the breath, but when doing that it causes the muscles too tight up and as a result, can cause injury in the chest.

Now, once the credentials for getting started have been considering, it is time to actually start the weekly workouts!

The ideal workout a week is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

It is extremely crucial to have a day rest in between.

However, you can also follow the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday schedule also.

Monday: AB/ CHEST

As a man turns 40, the first place he gains weight is in his stomach; however, when working out the belly is also the first place a man loses weight. As a result, AB, and chest workouts are a must!

  • Warm up: 10 slow push ups to start
  • 3 Sets of barbell ben press (12, 12, 10)
  • Three sets of diamond pushups (10,12,10)
  • 2 sets of ab crunches (25, 25)

Wednesday: Back/ Biceps

It has been said that in your 40s, it is essential to have posture and strength, which is why back and biceps exercises are a necessity.

As a result, before getting started on back and bicep exercises, here are quick tips on how to get stronger: "Work up" to your heaviest weight instead of using a pyramid (but not more than what your body can handle),

picture your rep before getting started on your set, train with someone stronger than you so they can inform you on your weak points, try to have your feet as flat as possible, so go barefoot or wear converse, squeeze your glutes when lifting, and squeeze the bar for 30 seconds before getting started.

  • Warm up: 10 pull ups
  • 2 sets of high rows ( 15,10)
  • 2 sets of deadlifts (18, 10)
  • 3 Sets of Alternating Dumbbell Curls of 12, 10, 8
  • 2 Sets of Barbell Concentration Curls of 10, 8


  • Warm up: 10 Military Presses
  • 3 Sets of side Dumbbell Lateral Raises at 15, 15
  • 3 Sets of Dumbbell Military Presses at 15, 10, 8
  • 3 Sets of Barbell Shrugs at 12, 10, 8
  • 2 Sets of Behind The Back Barbell Shrugs 15, 10


  • Warm up: 20 squats
  • 2 sets of Lunge Twists 25, 25
  • 3 sets of Lunge Jumps 25, 25
  • 2 sets of Tick Tock Lunges 25, 25
  • 2 Sets of Hamstring Curls at 12, 10
  • 3 Sets of Barbell Calf Raises at 12, 12, 10

Conclusion: Turning 40 can be difficult because the body goes through a tremendous change; however, after a couple of weeks with the weekly exercises you can feel like you’re in your 20s again!

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