TRX is short for total-body resistance exercise. TRX suspension exercises are still a relatively new phenomenon that is changing the game in terms of functional and core training.

TRX allows you take more traditional bodyweight exercises and up the intensity by adding suspension and elements of instability.

Try these five exercises for your next core workout! Depending on your experience and level of comfort with TRX suspension training, aim for 2-4 sets of 10-20 reps per exercise. Remember that safety and the quality of completed reps are more important than quantity of reps.

1. TRX Bodysaw

Start your workout with a tough plank variation. Set the TRX straps so that the handles land at calf height. Begin in a kneeling push-up position so that you can place your feet in the straps and then drop down to your forearms. Place your hands flat on the ground and push yourself up into a strong plank position. Keeping your core braced, repeatedly drive your body towards the anchor and back to your starting position, just as a saw would move back and forth.

2. TRX Knee Tucks

To start, set the TRX straps so that the handles are at knee/calf height. Place your feet in the cradles so that when you go up into your planking position, your shoelaces are along the bulk of the cradle with pointed toes. In the plank position, set your hands right underneath your shoulders, brace your abdominal muscles, and squeeze your glutes to protect your lower back. From there, pull your knees in towards your chest, slowly extend your legs back out, and repeat.

3. TRX Side Planks

This exercise really targets your obliques and is a bit more challenging than your traditional side plank, as you will only have one point of contact with the ground, one hand or one elbow. Set the straps at calf height. Place your feet in the cradles and then roll onto your left side with your legs extended. With your left elbow right underneath your left shoulder, try to keep the rest of your body in line (head to toe) and press your body up so that you are in a suspended side plank position. Keep your core braced throughout the movement and try to limit any swaying movement. Hold for 15-30 seconds and then repeat on the right side. Increase the duration of your side plank as you get stronger.

4. TRX Roll Outs

This movement is very similar to that of the ab wheel. Begin facing the frame in a tall kneeling position with the straps set at calf/knee height. Distance yourself from the frame so that when your arms are extended as you go into the roll out position, you are directly underneath the anchor point. In the tall kneeling position, place your hands in the handles, right beneath your shoulders. Inhale and extend your hips and arms out overhead. Keeping your arms straight and core braced, exhale and return back up to your starting position.

5. TRX Glute Bridges

Finish off your core workout with this glute-focused movement. While this is not a movement targeting your abdominal muscles directly, remember that your core consists of more than just your abs! Set the straps so that the cradles land right below your knee. Lay on your back with your arms extended off to the sides and place your heels inside of the cradles so that your feet are right beneath the anchor point. Drive through your heels, squeeze your glutes, and bridge up so that your hips are now in line with your knees and torso. Pause briefly and then return to your starting position. Do not hyperextend your lower back as you bridge up.