Knowing how to keep your girlfriend satisfied is essential to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Don't be a fool. Follow these tips to keep her happy.

It’s not enough to just be in a committed relationship with a girl. You really need to put forth the effort to make her happy every single day, just as she does. A relationship is about teamwork and about effort. If only one person is maintaining the relationship, it’ll fall about.

Which is why you’ll need to know how to keep your girlfriend satisfied. There’s so much more to a happy relationship than calling her your girlfriend and getting busy in the bedroom. If you really care about her and want to keep her, here’s how to do it.

1. Show her your appreciation

Without your appreciation, she’ll never be happy. In fact, a lack of appreciation is one of the biggest reasons most relationships fail. It’s not because you stop having feelings for each other, it’s because one person isn’t showing the other how much they appreciate having them in their life.
A lack of being grateful results in resentment on her part and that’s basically lethal to your relationship. Don’t be that guy. Instead, show her how much you appreciate her.

It’s actually really easy, too. You don’t have to go all out and buy her expensive things. Just telling her how much you love what she did for you can be enough.
However, you also need to match her effort. By bringing her a candy bar she loves on your way back from work or leaving a cute note for her in the morning, you’re showing her that your life is better with her in it. And that will make her want to stay.

2. Give her what she needs in bed

Don’t be selfish. If you can’t make her get off, there’s a problem. No woman is going to want to stay with someone who doesn’t even try to make her happy in bed. I don’t care what excuse you have for finishing before she does, it’s not acceptable.
Instead, talk to her. Be open and communicate about what she likes and what she needs from you in bed. Women are a bit more complicated to please. It’s not always as simple as stripping down and going to town on her. Read her body language, do the things she likes, and ask her what she wants.
Not only will she feel appreciate and cared for, she’ll definitely stick around for someone who can get her off.

3. Listen to her

And I mean really listen to her. None of that pretending to listen crap and then ignoring her while you think about something you think is more important. When a woman tells you about something, it’s because it’s important to her. She could be saying something essential to your relationship and you’re just ignoring her.
Stop that. If you’re busy and you know you can’t give her your full attention, tell her to wait a few minutes until you’re finished doing whatever it is you’re doing. Obviously, do this in a respectful manner.

The bottom line here is that you can’t ignore her all the time. You may not care so much about the gossip she has about work but there could be something very worthwhile for you to know what she’s saying. She could even be telling you about a big presentation she has at work that could potentially get her a promotion.

If you ignored that, you lose out on an opportunity to not only be proud but also do something sweet for her. You’ll earn major bonus points for sending flowers or bringing her lunch on a day she has something important going on.

4. Make her feel special at least once a day

This is really what all girls want. We want to feel special and like we’re important to you. Ignoring us and not showing your appreciation will do quite the opposite. If you want to keep your girlfriend satisfied, just make her feel like she’s a big part of your life. Share something personal, tell her a secret, or even do something bigger and buy her flowers or jewelry.

It doesn’t have to be big but if you make her feel special at least once a day, she’ll never want to leave you. It can be as small as a handwritten note telling her to have a great day or as big as a fancy dinner and a gift. No matter what you do, you need to show her that she’s different and that there’s a place for her in your life.

5. Tell her how much she means to you

Sometimes, girls just need that verbal confirmation. It might be a little hard to express your feelings out loud but do it anyway. Bite the bullet and tell her she’s important to you. Tell her there’s no one else that can make you as happy as she can.

Yes, it might sound a little cheesy but it’ll definitely help you keep your girlfriend satisfied. When she’s regularly told that you care for her, she won’t feel insecure and she’ll have faith in your relationship. She won’t want to leave someone who’s repeatedly telling her that she means a lot to him.

This doesn’t even have to be super deep and romantic, either. Saying something like, “I’m glad I met you,” is all it takes.

Knowing how to keep your girl satisfied is essential for every relationship you enter into. You need to be able to make her happy if you want to keep her around and these tips will definitely help with that.

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