A lot of people who are in their senior are still living with active, smart, and sharp memories. Their bodies may not be like before, but theirs undeniably are memories that are intelligent, and young – like as before. Ever marveled how they have done this over the years? Follow these 7 steps that are tried and tested to improve memory.

1. Perk up Your Memory with Exercise


Get as much exercise every day because your body and your memory need it. Learn aerobic exercises and sustain it by making it a routine weekly. Doctors suggest you do it a minimum of 30 minutes per day for 5 days amounting to 150 minutes per week. Any extra time spent with this activity that is beyond what is deemed necessary is way much better for your body and your memory as well. Aerobic exercise comes in various activities like swimming, running, cycling, walking, flow yoga, and more. Know and keep in mind that the more time you spend and engage with aerobic exercises, the more that it will be easy for your good memory to be maintained and kept.

Walk out of your comfort zone and start doing away with your every day similar patterns of activities. Make time for exercise. This will help your brain and aid you in making new and beautiful memories. Who would say no to this? After all, this sounds fun, right?

2. Get Enough Sleep and Rest


It has been discovered by researchers that losing basically three to four hours of sleep at night can definitely wear down your memory. So it’s best to say that you should give yourself enough time to rest and sleep according to what your body really needs. Seek 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night and this will absolutely aid your brain in turning memories that are temporary to ones that are long-term stored.

3. Eat Foods That are Healthy


Who does not want to eat anyway? It’s basically what we need to do in order to live. So eat, but you need not eat just everything. You have to choose what and what not to eat. Foods that are good for your memory are fruits and vegetables that are colorful and rich in antioxidants because they look after your brain from hurtful free radicals. Oatmeal, thus foods that are low in glycemic carbs and others that are with omega – 3 fatty acids are also excellent for improving your memory.

Studies suggest that people who are found to have low levels of omega – 3s have brains that are two years older in MRI scans. So this will positively persuade you to eat foods that are rich in omega – 3s. Eat foods like legumes, nuts, spinach, blueberries, avocado, beets, and fish but stay low on meat since it has omega – 6 fatty acids that may add to brain inflammation, a possible underlying cause for Alzheimer’s disease. Similar results may also be generated from refined sugars so it’s been further discouraged to eat foods that are high with it. Vitamins B12 and D are also found to be best for improving your memory and for enhancing cognitive functions.

4. Play Games That are Brain Training


Ours is a world of millennial, everything now is digital, might as well use the technology to our own advantage. Search for games on websites that will support your plan, and various game applications will pop out for you to download with and start playing for free. Most of these games are designed to train your cognitive skills like memory, intelligence, attention, mental, emotional, speed, flexibility and so on. These games range from remembering patterns, matching colors, figures, numbers etc, forming words, logic application, speed testing, and other games that will certainly improve your memory.

5. Make Mental Maps


An easy and simple activity that tests your brain while strengthening your skill to remember is supported by making mental maps. Drawing or creating a map in your mind while traveling a new place or paying a visit to a new friend’s house is one perfect example of it. Remembering every detail along the way and tracing it all in your mind is one way of improving your memory.

6. Quit Unhealthy Lifestyle and Choose the Right People to Be With


Of course, this isn’t new to you, right? Who would not want to be with friends and meet new acquaintances anyway? “I should quit my unhealthy lifestyle” repeatedly plays on your mind, but man they’re so much fun to be with and they make you so alive. So you knew what’s right from wrong but somehow despise the idea because you simply could not help it. Try to control yourself from excessive alcohol drinking because you know that this is one good way of caring for your memory. It has been studied that men who are middle-aged but are drinking 2 and a half bottles of alcohol everyday consequently lose their memory earlier in life.

7. Be Happy


You know it when you are in the opposite track. When you are consumed with anger, that will likely cause delusion resulting to the perplexity of memory. This feeling comes along with other miserable emotions like hatred, depression, restlessness, anxiety, fear, and envy that will haze your mind and make you forget the things around you. Hence, it is vital that you keep yourself happy for you to improve your memory and have a brain that functions at its best.

Try doing these and you’ll be pleased to find that your memory will improve way much better than what you expect.