Anthony Starr

Anthony Starr has been in the fashion industry for over two decades and a professional writer for over 15 years. Starr's ability to coin a phrase has landed him hundreds of writing gig and staff jobs.

Seattle, WA

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Building the Perfect Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe can be fun and yet daunting at the same time, especially when you're on a budget. If you are in a hurry, that

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle
Coat Shopping for Dummies

If you’ve been asking yourself if the heat is ever going to lift, the answer is yes and when it does you’ll be needing

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle
Think Before You Bespoke

Recently I’ve started having my clothing custom made and so should you. So far, my bespoke collection only consists of two suits, one sports coat,

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle
Confessions of a Shoe Dawg

Three decades ago I went to work as a stock boy in the men’s shoe department at Nordstrom after receiving my certificate in shipping and

 | lifestyle, Men's fashion
Stealing from Robert Pattinson

To be honest, I'd never heard of Robert Pattinson until I saw him interviewed on an episode of Charlie Rose. Nope, I haven’t been living

 | entertainment
The "New Old" - Recycled Fashion

One thing you can count on about fashion is it recycles every few years. But unless you want to go vintage, don’t rely on thrift

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle
3 Fashion Trends That You Need to Follow

You have money to burn and want to hop on the trendy train, great let’s go. For fall 2017 there was a bucket full of

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle
Only a Formality - James Bond 25 Buzz

Bond, James Bond 25 is set for release in November 2019 and the buzz is already building. Not much more info on the film other than

 | Men's fashion, entertainment, lifestyle
Finding your personal style

By identifying who you are and what you value will aid you in finding your personal style.

 | lifestyle, Men's fashion, editors pick
Fur the Hell of it - A Guide to Buying Fur

Ever since Joe Namath sported a fur coat while he was on the NY Jets, I've wanted one - if they were ok with "Broadway

 | fashion, lifestyle
Fall Fashion Forecast - Paul Smith and Beyond

Summer is almost gone, probably a few weeks left to get out and soak up some sun and splash around in the pool before the weather

 | lifestyle, Men's fashion
A Guide to Modern Neckwear

Ties are must have in business, but the right one can say oodles about your personality as well as your status. A quality tie will run

 | Men's fashion, lifestyle, editors pick
What Color Are You?

Believe it or not, the color says a lot about you and if you don’t believe me just look in your closet. What colors are

 | fashion, pyschology, lifestyle
Dressli: How This One Company is Changing the Online Shopping Game

Online shopping has become common as common as a trip to the mall. A whopping 80% of customers now shop via the web. Michael Aldrich invented

 | fashion, lifestyle
What to Wear to a Job Interview and Walk Away Employed

Snagging an in-person job interview is just the first step. If you want the job, you'll have to impress during your interview. You might be fresh

 | Men's fashion, Job interview
The Joy of Shopping - How a Stylist Can Help You

Unlike ‘most’ men, I enjoy shopping for clothing and do so more often than is necessary. Although my shopping excursions are mostly online these days, the

 | shopping, Men's fashion, fashion stylist, lifestyle, feature
The Last Tycoon Brings Back Vintage

F. Scott Fitzgerald is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century and his influence on the craft can not be

 | fashion, vintage, mens fashion, lifestyle
9 Fashion Shopping Tips To Abide By – Next Time You Go Hunting For Your Next Fashion Style

It seems like ever since I was old enough to follow politics, the economy has been an issue. The U.S. Commerce Department's income growth report

 | fashion, mens fashion, Sales, lifestyle
Looking Good With No Jacket Required- It's Called Casual Friday for a Reason

Since I left corporate America more than a decade ago, employers have become way laxer and the suit and have taken a backseat to polos and

 | fashion, mens fashion, lifestyle
Jon Batiste: Fashion is the Music of the Body

Jon Batiste is as well know for his clothing as he is his musical accomplishments. The Juilliard graduate performs with his band Stay Human on Late

 | mens fashion, fashion, lifestyle
The Art Of Online Shopping - To get the best price on an item, know where to look

If the World Wide Web scares the bejeezus out of you, don’t watch the USA series Mr. Robot. The show revolves around a computer programmer,

 | lifestyle, shopping
How 'Ray Donovan' Changed My Life

Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is cool as a cucumber in his black on black suits, open button shirts and shiny slip-on. Costume designer, Christopher Lawrence describes

 | watches, lifestyle, fashion