Artie Vincent

Artie is a health, lifestyle and entertainment writer from NYC. He works as a photographer and content creator for various start-ups in the Big Apple.

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The Off-The-Beaten-Path Tour of New York City

On the surface, exploring New York City is straight-forward. There is, however, another side that many tourists and residents don't even know.

 | lifestyle, travel
A Guide to The Best Bicycles For The City

Forget your car, the only real way to steer through the city is on a bicycle.

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Exploring the Best Snorkel Spots in America

Snorkeling is the best way to be one with the ocean and there are many prime locations to maximize your experience in the States.

 | lifestyle, travel
Effective Ways to Fight Addictions on Long Island

Battling substance abuse is the hardest challenge in life. If you're searching for drug rehab on Long Island, there is hope to get past the darkness.

 | editorial, lifestyle
The Underwater Gear You Need to Own

The oceans are a challenging​ place to play but there are many tools for the trade that make it easier.

10 Ways to Transform Your 10-Year Anniversary into a Remarkable One

Reflecting on a decade together is a special moment but also means you need to find her the gift that blows her socks off.

 | Sex & Relationships, gifts, editorial
The Truths and Benefits of Caffeine

Once viewed as a negative, caffeine is now mandatory for most diets and nutritionists.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle
These 5 Protein Powders Will Change You

The most important part of muscle-building the​ protein powders that will get you ripped.

 | nutrition, fitness & health
The Top 10 Portable Chargers You Need

Battery life is of the utmost importance in society, and portable chargers are here to save the day.

 | lifestyle, gadgets
Snack Your Way to Muscle Mass With These Small Bites

Even when you're on the run, there're healthy and powerful snacks that will give you the physique you're aiming for.

 | fitness & health, food
These Traveling Suitcases Will Change Your Life

The stresses of packing are the worst part of a ​vacation but these traveling suitcases change all those anxieties.

 | lifestyle, editorial, accessories, editors pick
7 Vapes You Won't Want to Ignore

Taking the plunge into vaping may not be easy but picking out its best products is.

 | lifestyle, Vaping, gadgets
Five Ways to Prevent and Combat Adult Acne

Adult acne is annoying and embarrassing. But don't let it demoralize you because there are ways to attack back.

 | lifestyle, health
Stay Virtually Fit With The Best Health Apps

The new wave of fitness trends begins and ends on your smartphone and smartwatch.

 | fitness & health, apps
The 10 Online Gaming Sites You Need to Utilize

The gaming industry doesn't just reside with consoles like Xbox and Playstation. There's a whole world of gaming at your fingertips on the Internet.

 | gaming, entertainment, editors pick
Ten Ways To Build Your Dream Home Gym

The art of building the home gym starts with some research and ends with a sprinkling of style.

 | fitness & health, gym
Wanna Be MMA Fighter? Take These Baby Steps First

Taking on Mixed Martial Arts is a challenge but one that will pay off with unbridled dedication.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle
Five Ways to Create the Perfect Picnic Date

In the era of restaurants, the art of the picnic tends to be overlooked, but we are here to change your perception of that.

 | lifestyle, lifehacks
Horrifying Stories: A Peek into Creating a Perfect Horror Film

The rebirth of horror films has​​ retaken consciousness of film lovers.

5 Ways to Engage Muscle Growth Without Working Out

Feel like taking an extending break from the gym? There are ways to keep yourself fit without lifting a dumbbell.

The Top 5 Underused Dieting Methods

Many diets trends dominate society today, but some effective dieting techniques that often overseen.

 | nutrition, fitness & health