Artie Vincent

Artie is a health, lifestyle and entertainment writer from NYC. He works as a photographer and content creator for various start-ups in the Big Apple.

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Staying Strong in the Pool? Try these Water Workouts

The pool is the perfect place to tone and strengthen your body in the hottest months of the years.

 | fitness & health, workout
These Nifty Gifts Will Turn Your Father’s Day Into a Memorable One

Father's Day is on June 17th and it's time you pick out the most original gift he will ever receive.

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Drink Responsibly, Drink Healthy: The Ultimate Skinny Summer Cocktails

Don't let summer diets scare you from enjoying a good cocktail. There's of health-conscious options.

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Kickstarter: The World Cup Accessories to Grab Before It’s Gone

The World Cup is upon us (June 14 to be exact) so it's time to get your hands on these limited-edition gems and sport your soccer pride.

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Style on the Beach: Top 10 Beach Accessories

This is the summer you bring the coolness to the beach.

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Finding the Next "Deadpool"

The sudden success of "Deadpool", an R-rated Marvel franchise, has spurred a new chapter in comic book movies.

 | entertainment, movies
The Art of The Long Take and How it Influenced Childish Gambino’s “This is America”

The world created by Childish Gambino pushes the limits of art and political defiance.

 | entertainment, celebrity
Juicy Reality: The Best Fruits that Help Build Muscle

The truth about fruits is that they are muscle aids and lifesavers.

 | nutrition, fitness & health
The Top 10 BBQ Tools You Need This Summer

You've been thinking about BBQ's all winter so you need to grill in style.

 | lifestyle, summer, gadgets
Forget BBQ, Here Are The Summer Foods That’ll Keep Your Shirt Off

Power foods like Kohlrabi will keep your body a peak level on the beach

 | nutrition, food
Changing of the Guard: Six Ways Baseball has Thrived Under the NFL Model

The NFL dominated the sports world for years but an old favorite is steaming close by.

 | entertainment, lifestyle, sports
Why is MoviePass Great … and Too Good to Be True

MoviePass gave users unbridled access to movies but there's also some drawbacks.

 | entertainment
Your 2018 Summer Reading Guide

The best part of the summer is finding the perfect book to take you away.

 | entertainment, lifestyle, books
5 Ways the Apple HomePod Will Change Your Life

With the HomePod, the era of smart speakers just took another step to making life easier.

 | lifestyle, entertainment, gadgets
“Avengers: Infinity War” Just Reshaped the Superhero Landscape and Here’s How

The third installment of the Avengers franchise took comic book movie-making to another level. Expect spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

 | entertainment, movies
Don't Sleep on These Summer Styles

The search for the perfect summer outfit ends here ... just as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

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Meet the Most Influential People in the Movie Biz Right Now

There's a new regime of movie makers that are changing the Hollywood landscape for the best.

 | entertainment, movies
Top 10 Gadgets for Fitness Junkies

The future is here for fitness buffs. The days of upgrading your weightlifting equipment have been replaced by smart technology software.

 | fitness & health, gadgets
The Return of the Fanny Pack

An old fashion faux pas is now a must-have accessory.

 | lifestyle, gear
A24: The Making of the Edgiest Indie Film Company Right Now

In the Golden Age of Indie Films, "A24" Has Never Looked Better.

 | entertainment, celebrity
Five Ways to Combat Stubborn Belly Fat

The hardest thing in the fitness life is shedding those final five pounds. But it’s easier than it seems.

 | nutrition, lifestyle, fitness & health
Here’s What You Should Be Bingeing on TV​

There are so many options in this TV-bingeing society but don't get overwhelmed ... yet.

 | entertainment, netflix