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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in the Indian Ocean

Honeymoon comes once in a lifetime and thus you destination must live up to your expectations. Do you know that Indian Ocean has some of the hottest destinations in the world? Well, check out this list

 | travel, lifestyle
Top 5 Home Remedies For Acne

Instead of investing in an expensive acne treatments, home remedies offers the best alternative to getting clear skin. But you must get the most effective natural remedies.

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
These Sunburn Home Remedies Will do Wonders

With the sun getting quite hot during summer, it is difficult to avoid sunburns. Try these home remedies to get relief from sunburn.

 | fitness & health, summer
Best Time To Catch The Great Migration

Call it the ‘biggest show in the world’ but the Great Migration is a spectacle like no other. There is a reason why it is was named the 8th Wonder of the World. But what is the best time to experience the full spectacle?

 | travel, entertainment
5 Tips For Staying Active With Kids And Family

With lifestyle conditions becomes a real health scare, it is important to keep your kids and the entire family fit and healthy. But the question would probably be how can one achieve that? Well, it is pretty easy.

 | lifestyle, family
5 Secrets To Avoid Lifestyle Diseases

We sleep less, skip meals, drink a lot of alcohol and eat unhealthy diets. The good news is that the diseases can be prevented.

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
Top 5 Reasons Your Hair is Breaking

Lack of adequate moisture is one of the leading causes of breaking hair. Once the hair becomes dry and brittle, it becomes prone to breakage.

 | hair, fitness & health
5 Foods To Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight

If you are watching weight, there are specific foods that you need to do away with. These are foods extremely rich in calories.

 | fitness & health, nutrition
7 Foods That Detox the Body Naturally

7 foods that detox and provide numerous health benefits to the body.

 | nutrition, fitness & health