Connie Train

Connie writes about health, fitness and healthy living. She is a community health care worker assisting in the conduct of health activities and outreach programs.

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Why White Bread Is Bad For You

Bread has been around for thousands of years, and was among our ancestor’s staple food. Until now, bread is a billion-dollar industry that served millions

 | nutrition, fitness & health
Lower Body Workouts

We recommend you do them regularly to experience the difference. You can easily complete them even at the comfort of your own home.

 | fitness & health, workout routines
Dating at 40: Do’s and Don’ts

Just because you’re already 40 doesn’t mean you have to say a romantic “yes” to the first person who agrees to date you.

 | Sex & Relationships
How Stress Can Damage Your Health

Some of the symptoms one may experience when under stress are sweaty hands, shortness of breath and pounding heart.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle
7 Benefits of Ice Cold Shower in the Morning

Here are some of the benefits of an icy cold shower in the morning.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle
10 Questions Answered About Hair Loss

Answers that you've always wanted about hair loss.

 | lifestyle, hair
Skin Care Tips For Modern Day Men

Skincare is not only for women. It is important for men to have a good skin care regimen to maintain healthy and radiant skin.

 | lifestyle, skincare
Benefits of Yoga Practice

Yoga is also considered as a low-impact exercise. Because of this you can improve your body and achieve fitness and health without compromising your joints.

 | fitness & health, yoga
10 Foods We Love to Eat but Can Make Us Stink

These are some foods you may want to reconsider bringing on too much, for it may cause body odor.

 | nutrition
6 Ways Staying Indoors Could Be Bad For Your Health

Why staying indoors all the time can actually do more harm than good.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle
How to Stay Focused on Your Fitness Workout

Make sure to set realistic time frames so you can monitor your progress in real time.

 | fitness & health
Best Outdoor Sports to Try out this Summer

Summertime is just around the corner, and it can mean many things: pristine beaches, cool swimming pools, or sunbathing while drinking your favorite cold beverage.

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
Weird Weight Loss Practices That Actually Work

At the end of the day, the quality of food you’re eating is more important than quantity.

 | nutrition, fitness & health
7 Benefits of Going Vegan

Going vegan is perhaps one of the most important decisions a person can make in his or her entire life.

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
7 Natural Remedies to Help Relieve Fever

Fever is a body temperature that is higher than usual. The condition is typically caused by an infection and is generally considered not dangerous.

 | fitness & health
7 Things About Work-Life Balance That You Should Be Doing Now

Work is very important especially those who have a family to feed.

 | lifestyle
Minimalism: Why Less Is More

We are all living in a materialistic world. Most of our needs and wants can be bought by money, shoving them to our faces through advertisements

 | lifestyle
7 Surprising Habits of Mentally Fit People

For one, regular exercise can help lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
Is Prolonged Computer Use Affecting Your Health?

Technology has helped pave way to the information age through computers. These are considered important tools for real-time communication and learning, for children and adults alike.

 | fitness & health
How To Keep Your Spine Healthy

To have a strong back, you should exercise regularly. Walking is one of the easiest exercises that will help you improve your core muscles.

 | fitness & health
Health Effects of EMF

We may not realize it, but we are living alongside invisible electromagnetic fields (EMF).

 | fitness & health
Best Foods for Constipation

Some of the factors that can lead to constipation are sedentary lifestyle, desk jobs, genetic makeup, food preferences and medication.

 | fitness & health