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11 Must-have equipment for a home-gym

Who wouldn't love to have a gym of their own at home? While it may be unrealistic (and expensive) to have a squat rack and multiple

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30-minute back workout

This 30-minute back workout combines to-failure bodyweight movements with heavy compound movements and high-volume isolation movements.

 | fitness & health, workout
15 ways to exercise without realizing it

Maybe you love to workout, maybe you hate it - we all have our days. Here are 15 ways (and things you can do throughout the

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Workout and eat like superstar Lebron James

Lebron James is an extremely influential, accomplished, and popular basketball superstar. He is a four-time MVP recipient, three-time NBA Champion, and two-time Olympic gold medalist -

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5 Ways to Improve your Abs

You’ve been working on attaining the coveted 6-pack for years and your current lifestyle and training regimen just isn’t cutting it. There are so

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I took a week off from weight training and here’s what happened

I maintained the weight I was at prior to my one week “cleanse” from weight training. I didn’t lose weight, nor did I gain weight

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Rucking: Men’s Favorite Fitness Trend of 2017

Rucking is movement, typically walking or marching, with a backpack on your back. Sounds deceivingly simple, right? This style of training has been used by the

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5 reasons why people love CrossFit

CrossFit has grown in popularity in recent years. You may have seen the CrossFit games on TV, have a friend who always talks about it, or

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Arm-building superset workout

Big biceps and thick, horseshoe-shaped triceps are the goals of many bodybuilders and avid weightlifters. If you’re looking to add size and definition to your

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Women’s Guide – Multivitamins and Supplements, to take or not to take

The majority of women take at least one or more dietary supplements on a daily basis. But why? Advertisements? A personal trainer or doctor recommended it?

 | Sex & Relationships, fitness & health
5 Recommended Supplements for Bodybuilding

Considering supplementation, but confused because you aren’t exactly sure what each supplement does, or which brand is best? You aren’t alone. There are so

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Heart Healthy Multivitamin for Men

The heart is arguably the most important organ in the body. It functions as a pump to send blood throughout the body. Blood provides our bodies

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10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Men and Women

Vitamins and minerals are in some way responsible for nearly every process and function performed within and by the body. Without enough of these nutrients, the

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21 Men’s Fitness Tips – Total Fitness Guide

we've got the top 21 tips to set you up for success with a comprehensive approach to total fitness.

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5 Essential Fruit Juices for Men

If you’re not already on it, it’s time to jump on the juicing bandwagon! Juicing is a great way to meet your daily fruit

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11 Best Vitamins and Minerals for Women

Vitamins and minerals are responsible for hundreds of different functions and processes that go on within our bodies each and every day. They are essential for

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Top 10 diet and fitness tips for men

Looking for ways to improve your diet and level of fitness? Here are the top 10 diet and fitness tips for men. 1. Prepare Preparation is

 | nutrition, fitness & health
Top 8 Supplements for Women Over 40

It’s difficult to ensure that you are eating adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals you need daily. As you age, it gets even more

 | supplements, fitness & health
6 Best Fitness Classes for Men

It is commonly thought that group exercises classes are geared towards and populated by mostly women. While this may have been true years ago, during a

 | fitness & health, lifestyle, exercise
8 Fitness Tips for Men

The more you know, the better you can be. We’ve got 8 fitness tips to help you cultivate the strongest, healthiest, happiest, and fittest you!

 | fitness & health, lifestyle, editors pick
5 Steps to Better Fitness for Men Over 40

Age is just a number, not an excuse. You're never too old to get started with a workout routine and there is never a bad time

 | fitness & health, exercise, lifestyle
11 ways to improve your health

Health is about more than working out and eating right. It encapsulates the state of one’s overall well-being, the functionality of their body, and sense

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