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7 Workout Techniques to Lose Body Fat

Whether it's to better your health, for aesthetic purposes, or athletics, losing body fat may be your goal. Cardio is the first thing that comes to

 | fitness, health

Have trouble sleeping? Clean sleeping could be your fix

Clean sleeping isn't as literal as it may seem. On first thought, you may think clean sleeping simply means going to bed freshly showered in warm,

 | health

8 Best Exercises for Abs

Abs are arguably the most sought after and coveted muscle group. We've all heard the phrase, "abs are made in the kitchen", but training

 | fitness

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

So you've found the one? You're head over heels in love and ready to say "I do." Deciding to get married is a huge,

 | women

7 Halloween Themed Date Night Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Let's be real, it's one of those holidays that isn't just celebrated on it's holi-date (the 31st), but nearly every

 | lifestyle, entertainment

Top 8 Healthy Choices When Dining Out

Most of us dine out just as much if not more frequently than we eat at home. It's often easier, more convenient, and an ordinary means

 | nutrition, lifestyle

6 Fit Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Traveling is something that most individuals do at least 5 times per year and many folks even more frequently than that! Whether it be for work,

 | lifestyle, travel

10 Signs You're in the Right Relationship

Being single is hard, dating is hard, relationships are hard, but the right relationship feels pretty natural. Don't get me wrong; it's more than just a

 | relationships, women

15 Inexpensive & Fun Date Ideas

When it comes to new relationships, going on a variety of dates is essential to getting to know the person you are with or hope to

 | dating, women

8 Ideas for an Active Rest Day

When you're consistent with your training, your body takes a beating. Strength training and high-impact cardiovascular activity day in and day outbreaks down your muscles and

 | lifestyle

One dumbbell workout

Sometimes all you have is one dumbbell - and sometimes it's all you need. Perhaps you're traveling, in a crowded gym, or simply looking to try

 | fitness, health
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