Joseph Estevez

Joseph is a writer from NYC. He writes fiction and poetry, and he also has a strong interest in health and fitness.

New York City, NY

Recent articles by the author
Are Small Meal Portions Better?

Is it better to eat the standard three meals a day, or perhaps a meal plan with more meals and smaller portions?

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On High Fructose Corn Syrup

This chemical has received a bad reputation. So, what are some ideas for approaching this issue?

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How Much Should I Jog?

There are many reasons to jog. Could jogging improve longevity?

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How Much Water Should I Drink?

Most people have been told to drink eight cups of water per day. But is that really how much one should be drinking?

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How Much TV is Too Much?

Large amounts of television watching have been associated with an increased risk of diseases such as obesity.

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How Can Vegans Get Sufficient Vitamin B12?

Every diet has its pros and cons. For those following the vegan diet, it is much more difficult to find certain vitamins and minerals than in the common omnivorous diet, and among them is vitamin B12.‚Äč

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