Lyn Kelly

I am a yoga instructor, a vegetarian, and a feel-good writer. I do community outreach such as adopt-a-community and offer free seminars focusing on stress management.

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4 Social Media Mistakes You’re Making When Talking to Opposite Sex

Social media has taken the world by storm. Men and women alike are using this platform to express themselves, make new friends and communicate with their

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Late 20s Issues – Should I Settle Down or Sleep Around?

As you grow older, you start making significant decisions in your life, and one of them is settling down. By the time you reach your late

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7 Thoughtful Valentine's Gift Ideas Your Girl Will Surely Love

Christmas and New Year’s celebration has just finished, but another special day is about to come. Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated

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Signs That Tell You She’s The One

Human as we are, we are born to love and need to be loved. It’s a natural thing no one can beg to disagree. But

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How to Handle a Relationship Maturely When She Has Herpes

Herpes is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases characterized by a flu-like symptom, muscle aches, excruciating urination, and a burning sensation where blisters erupt.

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Popular Dating Sites for People Over 25

If you are still looking for the right one this year, some of the best popular dating sites can give you a better chance of finding

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7 Facts Every Body Builder Should Know

Are you planning to bulk up and show off your muscle gains? Want to be a lean and mean muscle machine? Then we got your back

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5 Celebrities Who Gained and Lost Weight for Movies

It seems so easy for celebrities to gain and lose weight in order to play certain roles. Be it a fat politician or a troubled factory

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New Year's Resolution: Getting Fit or Getting a Date?

The holidays are approaching and so is the year-end – its New Year's Day again! As the definition goes, New Year is the time when a new

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Here's Why Experts Say Your Second Date is More Important than Your First

Single people who are looking to meet a good match often find their first date as a nerve-wracking experience. When your nerves get into your way,

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When is the Best Time to Take Your Weight Loss Training to the Next Level?

Sometimes even when you are consistently training and maintaining a healthy diet, your body can still be unresponsive and resistant to change. You are religiously working

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7 Ways to Improve Memory

A lot of people who are in their senior are still living with active, smart, and sharp memories. Their bodies may not be like before, but

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7 Superfoods for Building Muscle and Burning Fat

Your body is considered your vehicle. You use it everyday to carry out the tasks and responsibilities you are committed to. Whether you are an athlete

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7 Secrets of a Successful Relationship

So you’ve finally found the right person to spend the rest of your life with, and you find yourself tossing and turning at night, just

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