Matthew Brosche

I am a senior at Emory and Henry college studying English and Creative Writing. I enjoy writing about almost any subject, but some of my favorites are video games and movies.

Fredericksburg Virginia

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Most Downer Film Endings

We all expect​ films to have happy endings. But sometimes a movie's ending can be downright heartbreaking.

 | entertainment, movies
Best Practical Effects in Film

CGI has taken over as the prominent form of special effects in film over practical effects. With that said there are still some films that show just how amazing practical effects can be.

 | entertainment, movies
Disney Films No One Remembers

Most of the major Disney classics are remembered fondly by fans and non-fans alike. This is due in no small part to the studios constant advertising of these classics. Yet some Disney features are suppositiously forgotten by the company and the public.

 | entertainment
Are Superhero Movies Ruining the Industry

Superhero movies have been dominating box offices in recent years. But are these films doing more harm than good?

 | entertainment
Confusing Film Endings Explained​

A few abstract movie endings and the popular theories that attempt to explain them.

 | entertainment, movies
Are Reaction Videos Bad for Content Creators

With the growing popularity of reaction videos the question has been raised, how do they affect the creators of the videos they react t​o?

 | entertainment
Is The Room a Successful​ film

Is the pinnacle​ of the so bad it's good genre actually a successful movie.

 | entertainment
Great Movies Not Nominated for Best Picture 2018

Some fantastic movies just didn’t make the cut for best picture this year.

 | entertainment
Upcoming Video Game Movies 2018

Movies based on video games have always been a gamble when it comes to quality

 | entertainment
Best Picture Nominations for 2018 Academy Awards

With the 2018 Oscars just around the corner, it’s time to look back on 2017 and remember how many great movies there were. The nominations

 | entertainment
PUBG Review: Technical​ Flawed But Tremendously​​ fun

Beginning as a mod for ARMA 2, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds quickly rose in popularity with its stand only version being made available on steam back

 | entertainment
Resident Evil 7 Review: A Bold New Direction

The seventh installment of the Resident Evil series marks a radical change in not only the gameplay style the series is known for but also a

 | movies, entertainment