Raymond Vann

Ray Vann is a lifelong New Yorker who lives in the beachfront community of Rockaway Beach, Queens. He completed his MA at Brooklyn College in 2017 and has been freelance writing for 3 years

New York

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Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness

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Top 10 men’s fashion blogs in NYC.

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7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting

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Top 10 Ways to Train Your Brain

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10 best workouts to melt belly fat

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Anthony Bourdain's new physique proves you can teach an old dog new tricks

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is a man who knows food. The man's whole life revolves around creating and tasting some of the best food from all

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Top 7 superfoods for peak performance

We've all heard about the various superfoods and fruit of the month that is supposed to give those who eat it super strength or extra energy,

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Bruce Willis returns for one more "Die Hard" movie

Bruce is back! Sources have confirmed that Bruce Willis has signed on to play John McClane for yet another installment of the Die Hard franchise. Director

How Matt Damon lost 60-lbs on an all chicken diet

No one ever said that losing weight was easy, but when Matt Damon was told he needed to lose a few pounds for a role, he

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The Tom Brady Diet

It isn't impossible to look fit in your 40's, and New England Patriot's quarterback highlights this fact every weekend during football season in front of millions

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Linda Hamilton returns as Sarah Connor in Terminator 6

After a 25-year absence, Linda Hamilton is finally about to return to the Terminator franchise, giving fans the world over the cause for celebration. Hamilton, who

The Rock, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan all to star in new Jumanji movie

It might be hard to beat Robin Williams' childhood favorite Jumanji, but the star-studded cast of the latest installment, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, might be

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The newest Call of Duty trailer looks awesome

The new trailer for the latest edition of hit franchise Call of Duty was released earlier this week, and it has fans on the edge of

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Jamie Lee Curtis signs on for one more Halloween film

Horror heroine Jamie Lee Curtis has announced that she will be reprising her role in the classic slasher Halloween, posting "Same porch. Same clothes. Same

Liam Neeson announces his retirement from action movies

Liam Neeson, who has been wowing audiences for years with his "particular set of skills," announced recently that his crime-fighting days are over, and

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