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5 Reasons Fit Men Prefer Meggings over Sweatpants

Meggings are the latest craze in men’s fitness apparel. They not only look stylish and sexy, but also help fitness gurus improve their performance.

 | editorial, lifestyle, Men's fashion
Messy Beard: A Guide to Taming the Beast

The advice you need to control your beard and make it look the way you like it.

 | lifestyle, grooming, editorial
Got Dry Hair?

Every once in a while, we like to point you in the right direction with some products we know you'll love. This week we're talking hair.

 | fitness & health, lifestyle, hair products
Why You Should Workout With Your Partner

When you have your partner at the gym with you, you'll always have a spotter at hand.

 | lifestyle, fitness & health
Road Warrior Romance

Big screen love stories are made of chance encounters between two strangers colliding fatefully on public transportation.

 | editorial
A Man’s Guide to Whisky Tasting

This golden beverage is one of the favorite drinks at bars. With a splash of soda, chilled water, or on-the-rocks, everybody has their personal preferences.

 | editorial
5 Tips for Designing a Perfect Man Cave

The perfect man cave should have that certain pull that makes a man want to retreat in his own little bubble at home.

 | editorial
Watching Soccer Like A Pro

It's true that we have all heard the old gag that Americans don't like soccer, but truth be told there are plenty of football fans in America.

 | editorial
3 Surprising Reasons To Meditate

According to some professors at Harvard Medical School, meditation can serve as an overall protector against cardiovascular disease.

 | editorial, fitness & health
How to balance Entrepreneurship With Living Life

How This Millennial Balances Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneurship With Living Life.

 | lifestyle
5 best personalized gifts for Men

The 5 best gifts for men.

 | lifestyle, gifts, editorial
A Guide To Buying Shoes For Men

Shoes are definitely worth splurging on since they are something that you wear every day.

 | lifestyle, editorial
Best shampoo for men

Best shampoo for men with hair growth shampoo, shampoo for oily hair, organic shampoo and natural shampoo.

 | lifestyle
Using Mature Hookup Site In Your 20s VS. 50s

There are many online hookup sites that are available for the younger and older individuals.

 | editorial, Sex & Relationships
Should We Trust Those Safe Cougar Dating Sites To Date A Cougar?

Things To Consider Before You Choose Cougar Dating Sites

 | Sex & Relationships, editorial
The Heroes Marvel Still Needs

We’re on the cusp of Marvel’s biggest project yet, by a long shot. That is if you thought Avengers: Age Of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War was a large-scale ensemble project.

 | entertainment, editorial
7 Things Your Chiropractor knows about you the Moment they see you

The moment you walk into your chiropractor's office they know if you are in pain, what you do for a living and many more details.

 | fitness & health, editorial
Men's Fashion industry on Instagram

The gateway to fashion success on Instagram are hashtags.

 | lifestyle, editorial
What People Who Found Love On Cougar Dating Apps Have In Common?

Try some simple things to improve your success on dating apps.

 | Sex & Relationships
5 Muscle-Building and Fat-Burning Bodyweight Exercises

For faster results, carry out as many reps as you can for each exercise, pushing yourself to the limit.

 | fitness & health, editorial
Top 10 Diet Pills in the market

Many weight loss supplements rely on ingredients that have been shown to boost your metabolism, decrease your appetite, or increase fat loss.

 | fitness & health
Start Working Toward A Healthier You Today!

Are you interested in getting fitter? These tips will help.

 | fitness & health, editorial