No matter how much we hate it, breaking of the hair is a common thing. In fact, it is estimated that an average person sheds about 100 strands of hair daily. However, if your hair is breaking on top of that, then you have a reason to get worried. However, in almost all cases, we are responsible for our hair breakage. According to experts, some of the things that we do to the hair end up making it dry and brittle and thus the snap off. So what are the likely reasons why your hair is breaking off? Well, here could be the main reasons:

Lack of Ample Moisture

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Lack of adequate moisture is one of the leading causes of breaking hair. Once the hair becomes dry and brittle, it becomes prone to breakage. Most people struggling with breaking hair do not condition their hair to keep them moisturized and if they do, the wrong conditioner is used. Conditioning your hair slows the dry time and thus keeping your hair intact for longer. However, you need to develop a routine that will ensure that your hair is getting optimal hydration. You should start with shampooing and finish with conditioning. Make sure that you have the right conditioner for your hair. It is the best tricks to keeping your hair moisturized.

Exposure to Chemical

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If you are coloring your hair too aggressively, it will be difficult to keep your strands healthy and strong. Most of the hair bleaches are made from harsh chemicals that dry the hair causing it to snap off. Most of the commercial hair colors break down the cuticle thus removing the smooth coating that protects the hair from drying and physical damages. Other forms of chemical exposure could come from chemical straightening products. Check the types of shampoos and conditioners that you are using since some could be having harmful chemicals ingredients. The solution for hair coloring is to use available, gentle options. For the shampoos, conditioners, and other chemical treatments, there are plenty of natural products to pick from. Your hairdresser can help you choose the best.

Excessive Heat-Styling

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Heat is one of the main causes of hair damage. However, some people will never feel complete without passing a flat iron or a blow dryer on their hair. They have to straighten their hair now and then. What they don’t realize is that once hair is exposed to too much heat, it destroys the hair cuticle and a lot of moisture is lost. That is how your hair becomes dry and brittle, and this results in excessive hair breaking. If you must style your often, there are special heat-styling tools designed to protect your hair from excessive heat. Using medium heat to style the hair is also highly recommended.


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Keeping your hair cleaning is one thing, and over-washing is another thing altogether. If you have the habit of washing your hair regularly, then it could be the reason why it is breaking off. Know that apart from the commercial hair oils, your body produces natural oils that nourish the hair and keeps it moisturized. However, these oils require ample time to be fully absorbed by the hair. If you wash your hair daily, then you will be washing away these oils before the hair utilizes them. That is why your hair will become dry and brittle and eventually starts breaking off. Therefore, wash your hair at least thrice a week and shampoo adequately.

An Unbalanced Diet

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Just like any other part of the body, the health of your hair is highly dependent on your diet. Protein is the main nutrients that your hair needs to grow and repair weak or damaged spots in the hair shafts to prevent breakage. Protein provides building blocks that help your body to grow new hair to replace the lost and breaking ones. It is also important to note that your hair is made of protein. For the body to produce adequate natural oils, you must eat a properly balanced diet. If your hair is breaking off, you are probably missing proteins in your diet. Make sure that you have included fish, meat, eggs, and chicken in your diet.

The bottom line

So if your hair is breaking off excessively, these are the 5 possible causes. However, most of the causes of hair breakage are self-inflicting. They are as a result of going to the extreme in making the hair look nice. The good news is that hair breakage can be reversed if proper measures are taken. Use the tight hair treatment products, tools and eat a properly balanced diet and hair breakage will never be a problem.