In finding that special someone, you must first go through the stages of dating. By dating that person, you will be able to get to know more about him or her – hobbies, life principles, likes and dislikes, and many more. Some people date casually, most likely people who are looking for a companion to kill time; and some perceive dating as a way to find someone whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

While dating may look fun, meeting that special someone among billions of people in the world is not easy either. It can be more difficult especially when you turn in your 40s or older. More often than not, your peers are already married with young adults as children and even grandchildren. You, on the other hand, are still on the lookout for your own Mr. or Ms. Right for whatever personal reasons you have.

As the old adage goes, “love knows no age”. Thus, we should not judge people who date in their 40s. After all, all of us, regardless of age, should have an equal chance of finding love.

With that being said, dating at the later stages of your life should be not as hard as you think it is. Rather, you should perceive it as an opportunity to mingle with other people even if you’re beyond the young adult stage. Here are some tips regarding dating in your 40’s:


1. Ask yourself if you’re ready to date again

Before engaging yourself in the dating scene, make sure that you’re ready to do so. Most single men or women experienced having a romantic relationship in their younger years but did not work out. Whatever that reason is, it is important that you understand that at your age, you already know better when it comes to romantic relationships.

2. Ditch the emotional baggage you’re carrying all these years

If you have experienced trauma on your past relationship, never dwell on it. Otherwise, it can affect your dating game. Start anew by getting to know someone whom you think you deserve to be with.

3. Take care of yourself

Treat yourself to a makeover. Have your hair cut and dyed, shop for flattering clothes, and maintain your health through exercise and eating right. How you carry yourself despite any age can definitely attract other people’s attention.

4. Be open to explore new hobbies and opportunities

Taking a new hobby or traveling to a new place may even lead to a serendipitous meeting with your future beau. Who knows, right?

5. Take time, have fun!

Being too serious about life can turn your date off. Even if you think you don’t see him or her as your future date, remember that all of these are about having fun by meeting other people, and there’s still a lot of time in your clock!


1. Never rush in love

Just because you’re already 40 doesn’t mean you have to say a romantic “yes” to the first person who agrees to date you. Otherwise, you may end up frustrated for not knowing that person further.

2. Never use your old photo as your default profile photo

This normally happens especially on dating sites, and it’s a big no-no. Instead, take the latest photo of yourself – blow-dried hair and make-up done – and let people see the 40-year old you and not your photo 20 years ago.

3. Never use dating as an excuse to get back to your ex

Again, this is a no-no! Never treat your date as a “rebound” to your past relationship. Let your ex be, and focus on your own happiness instead.

4. Never judge your date just because your interests do not jive

Not everyone you date will coincide with your interests. Instead, you can ask that person about his likes and dislikes, and you may even learn a thing or two about it.

5. Never lie to your date

Lastly, never say things that are not you. Your date will eventually learn the truth and may even ditch you for lying. While on a date, be yourself. Talk about what really makes you happy. Even if you like cats and he does not, it is okay – at least he’s aware. At least you will know if your first date in your 40’s will take off to the next level.