Let's turn the clock back to the late nineties. Back in the days where Nickelodeon, Napster, and the new millennium were everywhere.

Fashion wise, this wasn't exactly the greatest time, as there were some interesting decisions on what was being worn.

Most of these trends, most notably the baggy jeans, backward and upside down visors, and long sleeve shirts with the stripe across, like the one you saw in every grunge music video, hand thankfully gone by the wayside.

While those styles have gone, it looks like one is on the way back, and that's the high socks and skate sneakers look.

I may be a little biased since I've been dressing like this since I can remember, but more and more I've been seeing people going back to the high socks with either a pair of vans, supra, or converse all stars.

This is a look I've been BEGGING to see come back in style, as I believe that it fits a number of different occasions. Whether yours just hanging out, or even dressing to go out, high black socks are versatile.

I mean, I wore a pair of high black Nike socks and the world famous Vans checkboard slide-on to the bar the other week and I think I looked pretty darn good.

I don't think anybody else thought that, but what do they know anyway?

Now, this look has been known as the "pop punk look," by most people. Every pop punk band from the late 1990s and early 2000s, whether it be Sum 41, blink-182, or whoever, they all had the same look of skate shoes and either white or black high socks.

It's one of those looks that one would need real confidence to pull off, which you wouldn't really think would be the case. It's been a lot of, "hey nice black socks, I think my grandfather has the same pair as you," for about as long as I've been dressing this way.

Another great reason that the high black socks are going back in style is that it doesn't only pass on the punk look, it gets a pass on the athletic look too.

There's that versatility I was talking about again. Whether it be basketball, football, or just trying to go and get a great workout in at the gym, the high black socks are must wear.

The first reason is they'll make your calves look bigger and better than they actually are, so you won't be embarrassed to wear shorts to the gym (which is why I love them).

Another reason is, depending on if you go with the white or black socks, is that they can really put the whole workout outfit together. This all depends on what color shirt, shorts, and shoes you wear, but there's a ton of different options, as well as colors of socks, that could be worn at the gym.

A recommendation is the Nike elite socks, as I think you'll never wear a more comfortable sock while working out. They may be a little bit pricey compared to regular socks, but if you don't mind, they're the true elite (bad pun, sorry).

Switching gears here, I know gonna quickly go back to the skateboard sneaker part of this. There are a ton of great brands to choose from when it comes to skating sneaks, whether it be Supra, Nike SB, Vans, among many, many others.

These type of sneakers are great for the summer, as they're usually really light. The key of these kicks is that you don't tie them like you would tie a regular sneaker.

The proper way to rock a skate shoe is to tie the laces behind the tongue, that way the lace doesn't show. Tying them that way also makes them much easier to slip on and off depending on how tight the laces are tied. The key to this whole skate sneaker and high socks combo is that it's all about comfort.

So what's the moral of this story here? Well, it's to let all of you know that the high socks and skate shoes look are back in a big way.

What's so great about it is that it doesn't have to consist of both at the same time, as you could go one without the other with zero problem