We’re all used to fenageling with a the tiny pre-cut holes in our belts, stressing about them getting moderately stretched out or wearing after the twentieth time tugging at the buckle to whip the whole damn thing off. It’s a crying shame there’s no such thing as a belt with a buckle that doesn’t need holes.

If only there was a solution to this problem! You have no doubt found yourself thinking “I need belt that didn’t sacrifice fashion over function, but represented a marriage between the two; an extremely fashionable, yet more accessible accessory by design.” Kore Essentials figured this out for you.

Introducing The Track Belt


Kore Essentials has a patented design for a unique alternative to the options we’re used to: the track belt. A track belt is a revolutionary design featuring absolutely zero belt holes, but instead using a hidden track. This track on the belt makes the accessory way more adjustable than your average belt.

The belt’s hidden, unbreakable track has been sewed into the back of the strap, out of sight so that the design comes first. The track features 40 sizing points for maximum specificity when adjusting to your waist. To get a little technical, these points are spaced a mere ¼ inch apart (that’s 6 millimeters).

Company partner John Cooper weighs in on the belt: “...It’s really the best fitting belt you you’ll ever own and the track doesn’t stretch or mark the belt up. So even after you’ve worn the belt for year, every day, it still looks like new”.

The track on the belt is designed so that there is no wear or tear on the belt, meaning you could wear the belt for a year every single day and never see any marks. There are tons of options, from belts more suited to men’s fashion wear to gun belts designed to be more stiff for holsters or similar additional weight.

Why a Track Belt is Your New Favorite


Traditional belts only have 5 to 7 holes thar 1 whole inch apart, sometimes more. Usually, this means the belts are not particularly well fitting, or perhaps too tight. So as you’re walking, sitting, eating and exercising (anything that will contribute to weight loss or gain) you don’t have to worry about your belt sizing up or down with you. The track belt will acclimate to your waistline, look better, and last longer.

Adjusting the track belt is simple and easy, too. To adjust or release the track on the belt, all you have to do is find the hidden tab underneath the belt buckle, and pinch it. This means you’ll be able to change your belt size in seconds, eliminating the pain of going through a dramatic unlooping process with traditional belts. Once you try one, you won’t want to go back to the old slightly stretched and cracking option hanging in your closet.

Kore’s ratchet style buckle is patented and spring loaded, durable and stylish (they call it Trakline technology) to compliment your new sleek summer style. You are trying out new style options this summer aren’t you?

Wondering if there’s a track belt that will suit your already specifically stylish wardrobe? There are tons of different styles, from full-grain leather belts, top-grain leather, or even webbed nylon. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy for any reason with the belt, so you can try it out for a couple of days before you decide to go switch for good. It also has a year warranty if anything happens, or you find any of your expectations of the belt not up to snuff.


Kore launched a very successful kickstarter back in 2013, and seeing as they’re still making amazing accessories all these years later, right here in San Diego, California in the good old US of A.