Let me guess? Can't fit the gym into your busy routine? I'm sure it's hindering your workout, isn't it? Quite a dilemma; no? Well ever got you covered.

Instead of going for jogging tracks or gym machines we're going to bring you numerous choices of workout bikes for the home to have your home gym all set up that it will make your head spin!

1. The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle
Well if you’re looking for the safest option of workout bikes for the home out there, you have It!

The 510 is a fitness bike with a computer controlled resistance system, with a built-in heart rate targeting program and workout monitors.

Moreover is the easy-to-read LCD screen display that works with precision and accuracy. Oh, wait we have more! It has an adjustable body system where you can later the height or arm length, or even lower or raise the seat to your comfort! Quite a catch, huh?

2. Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Bike
Now this one here is terrific. The parts of the bike are rock solid, delivering all the basics you need.

It has on-screen workout stats that show distance, speed, calories burned, elapsed time, heart rate and what not!

The best thing about this workout bike at home is the simple controls which are easy to learn and get a gang of. I'd give credit to the labeled buttons they have there. Neat, huh?

3. Schwinn Airdyne AD2
Schwinn sets the record as one of the safest options for the best workout bike for the home that completely delivers.
Why? Because it’s simultaneous dual workout option shouts wonders. It makes one workout their upper and lower cost simultaneously.

The manual resistance control is another unique opportunity we get here as you can change the resistance by changing your spend! This accounts for some extra exercise. And the display is not bad.

4. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike
The word elite is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t It? Let’s see how. It has a dual pedal design which is relatively uncommon.

The foot pedals account for the cardiovascular workout and lower body toning. Also, it has eight levels of cycling, depending on how hard you want to push your workout. The seat is pretty comfortable which provides and adjustable angle seatback, along with plenty of cushioning for most users and flexibility.

Now, this one is going to cost you a fortune, but it's all well invested in as the best workout bike for home.

5. Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle
Keiser is the best indoor cycle on the market; especially it's the latest M3 model that even outdoor cyclists rave about. It has a quality built with a rock solid base.

Not only does it guarantee strength but also promised stability. Its straightforward assembly process makes it quite a catch. Additionally, it has a computer monitoring system add a standard setup that can be controlled with a remote!

So this is pretty much your way out of a gym, which you won't regret one bit! So let's get bike hunting.