Remember in the early 1990s when the fanny pack was cool? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wore one. All your high school classmates had one, then abruptly that came to an end. Wearing a fanny pack quickly became as cool as you wearing a Members Only jacket in 2015. It was an accessory synonymous with a 60-year-old man or a tech nerd.
Oh how things have come full circle. The fanny pack has made a triumphant comeback. In the last two years, the once fashion faux fas is trending among all types. The idea is that the bag is minimalist, lightweight and hands-free. Nowadays, the fanny pack also doubles as the cross-body bag, giving the user options when putting together an outfit. There’s many bag companies, like Prada and Gucci, that incorporate a waist pack line into its seasonal launches. Needless to say, there are a lot of stylized fanny packs to choose from so here’s a few to perk your attention.

Prada Printed Leather Bag

If you are planning to stand out, then this is the hip hugger for you. The Prada printed collection for 2018 has an array of art-based designs. The one to choose is the comic-book printed design. The entire fanny pack is covered in comic-book art — with the exception of the creases and zippers. It’s a clear-cut conversation piece and durable enough to wear everyday. But be ready to drop big bucks: it’s $1700 because this is a Prada.

Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag

Since we’re on the high-end path, you will have to take a look at this Louis Vuitton hip pack. First off, this is $2,250. The main reason is that the waist pack dons the legendary LV logo that is featured on the women’s handbags — and this one is for men. The sporty strap and zipper gives this Vuitton a sense of originality. The bag itself is more spacious than most newer fanny packs and could replace your backpack when you are intending to attend an office lounge event in style.

Herschel Tour Hip Pack

The key to the perfect fanny pack is to keep things simple and condensed. The guys at Herschel launched its series of straight-forward bags that are solid colors, lightweight and made with water-resistant nylon. Inside the bag, there’s internal keycap and neoprene key chain sleeve. There’s also front storage and another compartment inside. The key factor with this product is the versatility as it could be worn around the waist around the shoulder.

Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack

if you are looking for a more stylized version of Herschel hip packs, then this is the one for you. The bag comes in 10 different styles including 7 solid colors such light charcoal gray and baby blue. There’s three other versions that feature floral designs. The pack design itself is basic, featuring one single pocket to store smaller everyday items. Think a miniature version of the company’s traditional backpack. Again, Herschel gives the buyer the over the waist or shoulder options.

SoJourner Nylon Fanny

This fanny pack may be the most affordable and fashionable selections on the market. This small company specializes in giving the buyer its own personality to go with durability and spaciousness. There’s the customization option when ordering but if you want to browse the options you won’t be disappointed. There’s a long list of quirky and unique styles. There’s the Aqua Transparent, the Holographic Silver, and Outer Space Galaxy Rave Festival (yes, that’s the name of the style). The Outer Space edition is described by SoJourner as “a fun style for music festivals, theme parks and parties.” It looks like Matisse’s “Starry Night” on your waistline.

Heron Preston Crossbody Bag

For starters, you definitely won’t lose this bag. The fluorescent orange gives this cross-body bag a bit of pop but maintains a rugged personality. The designers at Heron Preston infused a construction-belt feel with a bit of sporty style. The idea is to get away from anyone actually noticing you are wearing a fanny pack. The bag is the perfect size for carrying keys, cell phone and wallet while you go to the gym.

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, you can bet you'll be needing a small, pack to strut around the city or the boardwalk with. You wouldn't want your phone, keys, and all manner of doohickeys buldging out of your pockets. If you're feeling insucure about wearing a small bag, don't. We've been over this already.

Image credit: [Pexels]