We always tend to wear clothes larger than the shape of our body to balance it out. Whether its shirts or sweaters; slim men are always advised to wear clothes bigger than their body. But when it comes to jeans, slim men should always wear fitted jeans; jeans that always fit your body.

Jeans for slim guys fall into two types; it's either skinny jeans or straight leg jeans.

The trend is for skinny jeans from quite the time now, and we know for a fact that they are never going to go out of style. But straight leg jeans have been around since the time jeans came into fashion probably. The whole point is what jeans are best for slim guys and where to buy them.

Skinny jeans are all about style. You wear skinny jeans with your trainers with a plain t-shirt and you'd look like you just walked out of a photo shoot without any effort!

Jeans for slim guys are meant to always look stylish on them, skinny or straight leg, the aim is to look smart.

Jeans has to be denim. Denim jeans are always the best no matter what. The benefits of denim are that they complement the shape of your body and showcase your body frame.

Now the difference between skinny and straight leg jeans is that when you go to get jeans for slim guys, you either want jeans that you can easily move around in or jeans that allow less mobility and more style. Skinny jeans don’t allow you much movement, but the stylish look it provides drowns out the immobility factor. While straight leg jeans are the ones that provide you with the comfortableness that you’re looking for. It allows you with to move around quickly and it offers you the stylish look as well.

The only issue that stands between both jeans is that while nothing can go wrong with a pair of skinny’s, you have to decide what to wear with your straight leg jeans. In this season a pair of skinnies goes best.

Now, what about where you should buy them? Without any doubt, we should all own Levi's. Levi's was the first actually to invent jeans. The oldest company and still has the best quality of denim. You don't need a guide on where to buy them.

Everyone has their preference. If you're looking for the best quality jeans, then it's Levi's.

So, jeans for slim guys aren’t much of a problem. You just need to know the type of jeans (skinny or straight leg) you want for yourself. We all want that Harry Styles look now don’t we?