Getting physically fit is key to your appearance and more importantly to your overall health. However, there is a misconception that you must hit the gym to stay physically fit. Well, may not be the truth. You can still do it at home and achieve great results by just using a mobile app. Workout apps are making process journey to lose weight quite easy and exciting.

Today, there is a massive explosion of fitness and exercise apps smartphones and other devices. But which workout apps are the best though? Well, we have rounded up 6 most recommended workout apps:

1. Fitbit Coach

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Previously known as FitStar Coach, Fitbit is has become increasingly become popular partly due to its professionally curried HD exercise videos. The clarity of the workout videos enables you to practice without straining. The sessions are uniquely mixed and matched for personalized workout sessions. However, one of the key features that sets Fitbit Coach apart from the rest is the adjustment to your fitness level based on the feedback the app gets from each exercise. The app’s intuitive interface makes the app friendlier and fun to use. You can pair it with wearable to enhance your fitness experience. Fitbit Coach is a free app supported by both iPhone and Android.

2. Nike + Training Club

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Described as the “Ultimate Personal Trainer” by NIKE, this is an ideal fitness and exercise app for those looking for yoga and weights as a way of losing weight. Apart from the fantastic interface and stylish design, the app comes with over 160 free video workouts including yoga and mobility, strength and endurance and more. Most of the workouts do not require equipment and thus you can do them at right home. However, if you own free weight at home then this is the perfect workout app for you. The app is free to download from App store and other platforms.

3. Sworkit

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For those who get intimidated by the gym environment, Sworkit is the perfect solution to your weight issues. The app provides high-intensity short videos which can be done comfortably do at home. Some of the videos can be done in as short as 5 to 15 minutes. The app provides a range of fitness plans created by professional fitness experts. These include advanced full body and daily stretch, yoga and 5 minute Abs and more. Download the app for free and enjoy the app for free for 30 days. With a $29.99 quarterly subscription, Sworkit is definitely one of the affordable workout apps today.

4. MyFitnessPal

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As the name suggests, the app is an actual fitness pal for those opting to shed off some pounds without going to the gym. It is an all-round fitness app that helps the user not only to lose weight but get toned and eating healthy. MyFitnessPal’s database has more than 6 million foods where users can get the right combination for reduced calorie intake. Users can also track nutrients that will help them accelerate the process of losing weight. The app is available is for free but with optional in-app purchases for premium packages. My Fitness Pal is Compatible with both iPhone and Android gadgets.

5. MapMyRun

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Whether you are a starter or regular, this is the app for you. Design with incredible simplicity, this app makes it possible even for the newbies to get fit like a pro. With MapMyRun app, you can easily track the pace, duration, distance, and calories burnt and more. The app also has a community of runners who will challenge and motivate you during the process. So you will not be alone but in a community striving to achieve the same goal. Other features that have many recommend this app include an intuitive interface and incredible user-friendly features. The workout app is also compatible with iPhone and Android gadgets.

6. BodySpace

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Ask most people why they prefer working out in the gym and they will say that they like working as a group. But now you don’t need to go to the gym for the company. BodysSpace is one of the few workout apps designed to make fitness more social. The app offers dozens of fitness programs created by professional trainers where users can choose what suits them the best. You will be connected with the BodySpace community where you can get inspiration, encouragement, and challenge to be better. Your fitness friends will also motivate you to achieve your goals within the set time.

These six listed workout apps are rated as per the users’ experience. They are among the best fitness and exercise apps as of writing. The results are incredible while cutting time and the cost of getting fit since most of these apps are available for free. I really do hope that this article was helpful and will motivate you to start working towards that perfect body you’ve always wanted!