Surfer's hair is a social statement. Even people who haven't surfed a day in their life want surfer's hair. Surfer's hair gives you a casual, sexy, shaggy look that has girls swooning and falling head over heels in love.

This look, however, isn't all that difficult to
obtain. With simple haircuts and some readily available surfer hair products, you can get the sultry surfer look in within minutes.

Haircuts evolve, but the surfer hair has withstood the test of time and has managed to become an instant rebel classic and an enduring hit. The surfer hair is messy, casual and has gorgeous waves.

We don’t necessarily require surfer hair products to get the desired surfer hair.

There are natural ways of obtaining this haircut too. However, if these natural methods do not work for you, there are useful side-effect- free products available in the market that can easily get the coveted surfer hair. The natural way is to grow your hair out first.

This step requires patience; therefore, it is advised that you let it grow fully and trim your hair at regular intervals so that you don't have split ends. When it has grown past your eyes and ears, visit a stylist and make sure that gives you the kind of surfer's hair you want with the help of a razor.

What comes next is proper maintenance of your hairstyle which involves using a particular surfer hair product like a gel or a spray etc. and then drying it. While styling your shaggy, beachy hair make sure that you towel it after a wash but refrain from drying it completely.

You can also use surfer hair products such as the Hanz de Fuko Quicksand or the surf spray that Bumble and Bumble make for a full matte finish or even use a shine product such as pomade. You can also have your stylist add a new wave to your hair for the complete look.

Surfer hairs require regular shampooing and conditioning and pat drying with the help of a towel and always use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair.

Some stylists also prefer to use a curling iron to get surfer's hair, but that is highly discouraged as it gives a temporary effect and looks unnatural. You should try and find a stylist who uses braids and surfing sprays instead of curling irons and then you should use after shower sprays regularly to maintain the surfer look.

If you wish to obtain soft waves just French wave your hair and sleep on it.

Perfectly tousled tresses aren't all that difficult to get all it requires is some

patience and some good surfer hair products like sprays, gels, and pomades for proper maintenance of your surfer's hair.

Now I suggest that you start growing your hair as soon as possible and "catch the wave." Once you get the surfer look, throw on some sunscreen and a pair of board shorts and hit the surf!