Summer has arrived, and it's time to hit the nearest pool of water you can find. Whether

It's the beach or the pool; it's mandatory to dive in. Besides all the suns cream and your swim shorts and bikini's, you're going to need some hair spray too. We love getting those beachy waves even if we don’t plan on going into the water.

So which beach hair spray is the best for your air?

Beach hair sprays don’t necessarily have to be used on the beach. Just spray some on for some natural wavy look before going to the pool or beach party.

Here is the top 8 best beach hair spray.

  1. R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray
    At number one, this beach hair spray has different components with different jobs for your hair. The vitamin C and balm mint protect the strands of your hair and keep the color at just the right point. A composition of cranesbills and yellow plant extract to add volume to your hair. This awesome hair spray leaves a beautiful yet subtle smell behind of lemon and eucalyptus.

  2. ORIBE Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray
    This particular beach hair spray focuses on protecting your hair from UV rays. This spray is sure to give your hair a tousled look you've been looking for. Its important feature is that it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein that adds moisture and shine to your hair which is, of course, is a bonus.

  3. Herbivore Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist
    This perfect sea salt spray is the whole package. It gives your hair the perfect
    texture, shine, and moisture. All of the ingredients used in this beach hair spray are natural and don't dry but are absorbed in the scalp to keep your hair moisturized.
    And obviously the delicious hint of the vanilla fragrance it leaves in your hair is the best part.

  4. Fekkai Soleil Waves Spray
    This hair spray gives your hair the chicest look ever! It has sunflower seed oil infused with a styling mist to keep your beach waves natural and light and even provides your hair with a natural shine.

  5. Bumble and Bumble Hair Spray
    This beach hair spray gives you the windswept hair waves that you’ve been wanting without even having to go through sand because of its salt infused mist. This award winning hair spray can be sprayed into dry hair right after your shower or even in dry hair for immediate styling.

  6. Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Hair Mist
    Want those bouncy beach waves? Then go ahead and use the Philip B Maui Wowie
    Beach hair mist. This hair spray is enhanced with kukui oil, sea salt, orchid and Tahitian gardenia.

  7. Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray
    This hair spray is enhanced with Aloe Vera, algae, and sea salt that doesn’t let the hair get sticky or have a straw like feel or look to it by bringing extra texture and volume to your hair.

  8. Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray
    A composition of sea water and sea salt crystals causes the natural windswept look to your hair. You don't even need to go near the ocean. This spray is light and effective!

So go on ahead and enjoy the perfect beach day with the perfect beach hair without even going into the water! Just get the best beach hair spray!