The beach season is nearing fruition and that means weekend mornings in the sun — weather permitting. It also means you get a chance to flex your sand styles, from bathing suits to tech tools. Even though it’s a time for relaxation, the time on the beach is a time on a stage. You want to stand out.
That means you will need a few toys that will enforce your style points and take the beach-going experience to the next level. The following are the 10 best gadgets that will assuredly change beach life forever.

Sands Beach Towel Bean Bag

The main reason you come to the beach is to tan and relax. The Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag is the first of its kind, combining the towel with the beach cushion. And it features a durable nylon underside, and that means it repels the wet and sandy sensation from ordinary towels. And trust us, you will fall right to sleep as you lay down.

Hover Camera Passport Drone

The compact drone takes your beach photos to another level. Controlled by an iOS app, the hovercraft features facial recognition and spins out 4K videos at aerial heights. The sleek little camera is the ultimate selfie toy and will be the talk of the beach party for years to come. It’s solely operated and sold by Apple and is available on their website.

Savaro Cooer

The beach cooler is an essential part of beach life. Its where you keep the beer and the water and the food. Savaro’s cooler is the ultimate in luxury and space. It’s highly durable, sleek and holds up to 10 bottles of standing wine. The 45-quart cooler also has wheels and a telescopic handle to help you maneuver through the coarse sand. More importantly, it’s strong enough to sit on.

The Original Sunscreen Screen

You’ve seen all those ugly umbrellas that block your sun and hurt your eyes. The Oringal Sunscreen is counter to those gaudy contraptions. It’s a personal shading system that attaches to your lounge chair. The shade invites some sun to peer through it but provides the perfect balance of shade. It also features UV blockers that prevent any serious sunburning.

Matador Droplet Wet Bag

It looks a little blue ball but it’s the one essential for the beach. After it unfurls, the ball is actually a waterproof bag that protects all of your electronics on the beach. It’s more important when you travel to the beach solo. You could bring your valuables into the water with you without worrying about them on your beach towel. It also doubles as a wet bag so you could place your wet bathing suits within.

Elbow Music Player

This a unique toy that blends the old with the new. The music player actually plays your old mix cassette tapes. You read that right: CASSETTE TAPES. The device is super simple that appears to look like an actual elbow. It may not seem like much but it packs a punch of retro.


The sand could be too much too handle and there are times when you want to run to the beach showers. But sun-drenched laziness is keeping you from walking. That’s why there’s the RinseKit. It’s a portable showering unit that holds roughly 2 gallons of water and provides three minutes of pressurized water to clean yourself or your beach balls.

The Light Phone

If you fear that you will damage or lose your smartphone, then this unmatched device is the single most important beach accessory. The Light Phone acts as an extension with your smartphone as it uses your phone number to send and receive phone calls, which is the sole feature on the gadget.

Slyde Hawaiian Bull Enoka Bodysurfing Handboard Set

Remember when bodysurfing was just your body and the waves. It was always a challenge. Now It’s not with this little toy. The hardboard set was designed and test by the sport’s legendary Sean Enoka, and it’s worth the $190. The uniquely curved boards clamp onto your hands to enhance your movements on steep waves as well as short breaks. It also gives you strength and lightness.

Yolk Solar Paper Lightweight Solar Charger

The worst thing at the beach is not having an outlet to plug your wireless devices such as iPhones or Beats Pill speakers. That’s where the Yolk Solar Charger becomes that much important. Of course, the major source of power is the sun and you will have plenty of it at the beach. You could plug in your devices and it will fully charge in 2.5 hours. More importantly, the gadget is small and will simply fit into your backpack.
The simpler days of the beach balls do remain prevalent in beach life. But beach life nowadays is being more interactive and more hands-free. Yes, it’s about standing out. But these gadgets take relaxation to the next level.

Image credit: Savaro [Travel Away]