While we're still in the midst of summer, it's never too soon to start thinking about fall fashion. For the transitional months where the warmer days turn into cooler nights, there's a plethora of options when it comes to fall jackets for men. One style of note is the rugged-looking, wear-with-anything M-65 Field Jacket that was uber popular this year.

The M-65 Field Jacket, while stylish, also comes with its own unique history. During World War 2, soldiers needed to wear water-resistant, windproof materials. The jacket's utilitarian pockets allowed for soldiers to carry ammunition and other necessities. The field jacket typically comes in colors such as army green, olive, brown or camouflage, allowing for the colors to blend in with the soldier's environment while out in the field. The exact color approved by the US Army in the initial uniform-issued jackets was in fact Olive Green 107. Many of today's jackets still closely resemble this hue. The M-65 Field Jacket was the updated version from the field coats used in World War 2 and Korea.

If you're in search of your own M-65 Field Jacket to don this Fall, we've got you covered. We've rounded up a few here that top our list:

The M-65 Field Coat by Alpha Industries
is manufactured to military specifications. It is available in olive, black, camouflage, navy and khaki hues. Alpha Industries was contracted in 1965 to create the first M-65 field coats for the US Army, so it's clear they know what they're doing when designing this jacket.

J.Crew's version of the field coat comes in the form of the Wallace & Barnes Lightweight Military Jacket . Made of cotton and adorned with adjustable cuffs, this jacket is durable and easy to pair with many outfits.

Superdry's Rookie Military Jacket comes with six front pockets, and one in the jacket's interior as well for optimal space for a wallet, keys, a phone or any other necessity a man needs to carry these days.

The M-65 Giant Jacket in Dark Camo by Brandit comes with a removable lining and a concealed hood, making it adaptable for warmer and cooler weather, as well as dry and wet days.

No need to be out in the field this fall gentlemen to wear these military-inspired looks. You'll look just and fashionable walking down the street in one of these field jackets on a crisp Autumn day.